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06.Jul.2017 Yes, It Applies To You

Defence mechanisms around behavioural change To effect behavioural change, you have to get people to accept that there’s something about their current behaviour that needs changing. And that’s when you’re likely to hit the ‘that doesn’t apply to me’ defence mechanism. So, you tell people that 90% of drivers think that they’re above average, as […]

31.Oct.2016 What’s in a Name?

How We Use Categories As truisms go, ‘to categorise something is to reduce it’ is pretty unarguable. Life is complex, and any time we use genre in music or fiction, or put a name to an emotion, or even use a descriptive label such as a colour, we’re editing out nuance for the sake of […]

07.Jun.2016 The Planning Fallacy

Unrealistic Plans Construction on the new Wembley Stadium was projected as taking three years and costing £458 million; it took seven and cost more than twice that. The Scottish Parliament Building’s initial estimated costs were around £40 million; final costs were over ten times that. Estimated visitor numbers at the Millennium Dome were 12 million, […]

30.Dec.2015 Covey’s Seven Habits in 2015

This blog has a strong focus on introducing new ideas. But we shouldn’t throw away the old ones if they still work. It’s important to review classic ideas and ask how they’re standing the test of time, and they don’t come much more classic than Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective people. The book […]

07.Dec.2015 ‘From All Angles’ Launched Today

360 Development Solutions is my baby. It’s a consultancy offering training and development solutions that look at things from all angles. It’s mainly me, with associates for specific projects as necessary. I’m passionate about helping people learn and grow in as many ways as possible, hence the name. 360 offers coaching, teambuilding, assessment and selection, […]